Bidet Seat Questions

1)      What is a bidet seat?

A bidet seat is a hygiene device that replaces your toilet seat.  A bidet seat’s main function is to wash your rear with a jet of water – thereby drastically reducing or eliminating the need for wiping with toilet paper.

2)      What can a bidet seat do?

In addition to cleaning your rear, bidet seats can provide a number of useful functions like a front feminine wash, heated seat, warm air dryer, deodorizer, and more. 

3)      How to bidet seats work?

At the press of the button, a wash nozzle will extend out and spray an aerated jet of warm towards your rear.  The jet of water will cleanse you much more effectively than paper.  The nozzle will then retract and clean itself, ready for the next use.

4)      What are the benefits of using a bidet seat?

Washing yourself with warm water instead of wiping with abrasive toilet paper you leave you much cleaner.  They will improve your hygiene and help reduce toilet paper use.  Bidet seats can also provide toileting independence for users with limited mobility, the elderly, disabled, or anyone else with a condition that limits their ability to clean themselves after using the toilet. 

5)      How do you install a bidet seat? Do I need a plumber?

Alpha Bidets are built for DIY installation at home in about 20 minutes, but depending on your circumstance, it may be good to hire a handyman/plumber. See our installation guide here.

6)      Can you install a bidet seat on any toilet?

Bidet seats are designed to fit about 95% of residential toilets. See our full fitment guide here.

7)      What are water filters for? Do I need them?

They remove sand, sediment, rust and small particles from the water supply before it reaches your bidet seat. The ion filters also help sterilize the water. They are recommended by all the factories, but not required. Each filter has a lifespan of 6 months under normal use.

Service Questions

1)      Do you offer installation services?

Not at this time.

2)      Do Alpha Bidets have warranties?

Yes, the Alpha JX is covered by a 3 year warranty.  The Alpha iX Hybrid, GX Wave Series and ONE V2 are covered by 1 year warranties.  See our warranty terms here.

3)      If my bidet seat breaks, how do I get service?

Contact us and we’ll help you troubleshoot the issue.  If there’s a defect, the bidet seat can be sent to our repair facility for service.  If you are pretty handy and we can figure out the issue over the phone, we may be able to send you parts for repairing at home.

4)      Do you accept returns?

Yes we accept returns on new and uninstalled products up to 45 days after the purchase date. See our return policy here.

5)      How do you ship?

We ship via Fedex, UPS and/or USPS. Please see our shipping policy here.

Purchasing Questions

1)      Where can I purchase an Alpha Bidet?

You can order through this website, or at one of our authorized retailers.

2)      What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and Paypal.