Bidet Toilet Seat Electrical Outlet Requirements FAQ

Bidet Toilet Seat Electrical Outlet Requirements FAQ

What type of electrical outlets do bidet toilet seats require? 
An electronic bidet will require a 3 prong grounded, GFCI protected outlet with at least 15 amps. 

How much power does a bidet seat draw?
Bidet seats containing tanks inside them usually have a max draw of 600w at their peak. Tankless bidet seats typically draw a max of up to 1400w at their peak. But it is important to know that a bidet seat will only draw these max wattage numbers during a wash cycle, with temperature settings set to max levels. Users will find that these max draw settings will only be used, at most, 4-5 minutes per day. Most of the time the bidet will be in idle mode with a very low power draw (even more so if eco mode is turned on.) Electric bidet seats do not require dedicated circuits as long as there are no other high drawing appliances being actively used on the same circuit. 

Where should I install the electrical outlet? How long is the cord?
The bidet seat cords are just about 4 feet long, so we recommend that new outlets be installed on the wall behind the toilet. On most bidets, the electrical cord will be coming out from the right side (when facing the toilet.)

Is GFCI necessary?
A GFCI outlet is not necessary but highly recommended. A bidet can be plugged into an older, non GFCI outlet, however, having a GFCI outlet is recommended in water borne environments like kitchens and bathrooms. 

One newer construction projects, NEC will require a 20amp circuit with at least a 15amp outlet. Please check your regional electrical code for further information. 

Do I need a dedicated outlet?
In most instances, you will not need a dedicated outlet. A bidet toilet seat will usually work just fine on a shared bathroom circuit due the low power draw from sitting idle for 23 hours and 55 minutes a day. With older homes that have dated electrical standards, installing a tankless type bidet seat on a shared circuit with the bathroom can cause lights to flicker when the water heater is being used. This is rare and flickering light should not cause any serious problems. 

Are bidet toilet seats 110v or 220v?
North American based bidets will use 110v, unless otherwise specified. For international customers, we do have a special selection of 220v bidet seats.